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Tayo'y Umawit

Let's Sing!

W-TU ..... $10.00

24 Pages, 31 Songs

Songs from the Philippines

A  Tender Lullaby

     Aking Bituin    

Ako Kini Si Angi    

Aka'y Anak Ni Tatay    

Angie and Dannie    

At the Spring    

Atin Cu Pung Singsing

Bahay Kubo    


Dongdongwen Canto    

Heart of Stone    

I Am My Father's Own Son    

Isang Araw    

Leron, Leron My Dear 

Lovely Ring    


Manang Biday    

My Nipa Hut    

My Orange Tree    

My Star    

National Anthem    

O Loneliness    

On One Dark Night

One Day, Isang Araw    

Pambansang Awit    


Sarung Bangui    


Tender Lullaby    


Walay Angay

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