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Bright Morning Stars



72 Pages, 94 Songs     


Songs from the Country. This book gives you a taste of country life in its many dimensions, from hard-working songs to rural lullabies. It includes rich traditionals as well as many songs by contemporary songwriters. 

For several years we have been gathering together some of our favorite songs from the country, and this volume is the result...most of the songs we've collected in these pages spring from a rural viewpoint. They tell of growing and harvesting, of weather and winds and seasons, of hard work and of pleasure...We invite you to explore this collection...we hope they give you as much pleasure as they have given us!"    


Acres of Clams
Applepicker’s Reel
Arkansas Traveler
Around My Barn
Bheir Me O
Blossom on the Plum
Boll Weevil
Bright Morning Stars
Broom of Cowden
By’m Bye
Can You Dig
Cherry Trees
Cherries So Ripe
Chickens Get Into
Circle of the Sun
Cluck Old Hen
Colorado Trail
Come, Follow, Follow
Cotton Needs A’pickin
Country Gardens
Country life
Crawdad Song
Dakota Hymn
Father Grumble
Follow the Drinking
Garden Holler
Garden Song
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
God Bless the Grass
Gone, Gonna Rise
Granny, Will Your Dog Bite
Harvest round
Hearth and Fire
Hey, Ho, Nobody
Home on the Range
Ho’ven, Ho’ven
I Ain’t Got Nobody
I Ain’t in a Hurry
I Can Feel the Sweet Winds Blowing
I Walk the Unfrequented
I Want to Be a Farmer
If You Love Me
John Barleycorn
Lavender’s BlueLeatherwing Bat
Living Gently
Love Song
Maple Syrup Time
Marjorie, Go Feed
Mole in the Ground
Months of the Year
More Wood
Morning Has Broken
Morning Light
Mountain Cloudlet
My Home’s Across the Blue Ridge Mountains
Now All the Woods
Oats, Peas, Beans
Ol’ Texas 
Old Blue
One Man Shall Mow
Our Meeting Is Over
Owl in the Elm
Pick a Bale
Riddle Song
Rose, Rose
Round for Autumn
Scarborough Fair
Simple Gifts
Sommer Kommer
Sow Took the Measles
Starlight, Starbright
Summer’s Coming
Sweet Potato Round
Sweet the Evening Air
Three Craw
Turn, Turn, Turn
Turning Toward
Walk, Shepherdess
Water Is Wide
What’ll I Do---Baby-O
When I’m on My 
Where Is John?
White Sand & Gray Sand
Wild Mountain Thyme
Wind in the Willows
Young Man Who


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