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Traditional Songs And Fiddle Tunes From The Toe River Valley

The Toe River Valley of western North Carolina has a rich heritage of traditional southern Appalachian music, yet it is little known to the wider world. Bruce Greene lives on the South Toe River in Yancey County, where he has been preserving and playing the music of friends and neighbors for nearly forty years. Here he sings and plays twenty-four songs and tunes he learned from elder musicians throughout the region, most of whom were born in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


1. Phoebe in Her Petticoat

2. Old Sally Goodin

3. Noah and the Ark

4. Throw 'Round Your Calico 

5. A Story Most Lonely I'll Tell

6. I'm A'Going Back South 

7. Froggie Went A'Courting

8. Snowbird in the Ashbank

9. The Orphaunt Girl

10. Shepherd Go Find Your Sheep

11. Bear Me Away 

12. The Preacher's Unknown Tune

13. The Sweet Soldier Boy 

14. Margaret Randolph Waltz

15. The Death of Edward Lewis

16. Sheep's in the Meadow and the Cow's in the Corn

17. Two Coats 

18. Newt’s Dream

19. The Old Yellow Mare

20. Walking in the Parlor 

21. In Seaport Town

22. Jonesboro 

23. Fond True Lover

24. Old Black Cat Couldn't Catch a Rat  

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