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Itinerary in Song

W-IS ..... $10.00


25 Pages, 28 Songs

USA - Way Down Yonder     

Canada - Vive la Canadienne!     

New Zealand - Karu Karu     

Polynesia - Tongo     

Indonesia - Ajun Ajun and A Sing Sing So 

China - K'ang-ting Love Song     

Thailand - Why Does It Rain?

and Song of the Royal Barge     

Congo - Congo Boat Song     

Burma - Friendly People

Nyasland - African Boat Song     

India - Cho! Cho!     

Africa - Bemka 'Bafazi (Mpondo)   

Bechuanaland - Selepe Gaseaja Mosu      

Israel - Hava Nashira     

Jordan - My Beloved Country    

Yugoslavia - Down by the Strada     

Russia - Birch Tree and Tumbalalaika    

Poland - Karolinka    

Germany - Four Jolly Blacksmiths    

Czechoslovakia - Homeland Mine!    

England - Cornish May Song and These Things Shall Be    

France - Earn a Little    

Switzerland - Ramseyrs Go A-haying    

Italy - Oh Caterina!  

Brazil - Ziggy Ziggy Zag    

Ecuador - Little Chickens    

Venezuela - Train

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