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Life on the H2O

W-LOW .....  $10.00

47 Pages, 76 Songs


"There is nothing quite like life on the water, in the water,  near the water or within sound of water! The coolness of rain on our faces; the sparkle of a drop of dew; the fun of a puddle; the placidness of a pond; the lure of a river; the challenge of a lake; or the tumult of the ocean provide excitement, adventure, inspiration and a time just to drift and dream.

Watersways are our link to things past and things present. Water songs are as new as powerboats and as old as the voyageur's birch bark canoes. This collection of songs can be shared, enjoyed and treasured by lovers of water wherever they may be."

- Edith Kach


A Sing Sing So    

African Boat Song    

At the Spring    


Bengawan Solo    

Blow the Man Down    

Blow the Wind Southerly    

Blow, Ye Winds   

Blowing Wind    

Boatman's Chantey    

Bold Fisherman    

Boston Come-All-Ye    

Canoe Round    

Canoe Song    

Cape Cod Chantey    

Capital Ship    

C'est l'aviron

Coasts of High Barbary    

Congo Boat Song    


Donkey Riding    

Down the River    

Early to Bed    

Erie Canal    

Evening Skies    

Fire Is Burning

For Sun and Rain    

Gentille bateliere    

Glide Along    

Go Well and Safely    

Grace at Table    

Green Trees Around You    

Haul on the Bowlin'    

Hello to You

Island Song    

It Is the Oar    

Jack Was a Sailor    


L'Acqua Bella    

Little Boat   

Little Drop of Dew    

Little Ships    

Mariner Grace    

Mariner Taps

Michael Row    

Mississippi Boatman's    

Morning Prayer    

My Lovyer    

One, Two, Three    

Ottawa Canoe Song    

Over the Ground    

Paddling My Canoe

Peace of the River    

Rio Grande    

Rio, Rio    

Rolling Home    

Row Your Boat    

Sailor Loves the Sea    

Sea Explorer Chantey    

Sea Invocation    


Silver and Gold    

Silvery Star    

Solo River    

Song of Mong-kum-po    

Sponge Fishing    


Swan Sings    

Swansea Town    

Swimming, Swimming

Time Has Come    

Tommy Brown    

Volga Boatman    

White Wings    

Who Can Sail?    

Yangtze Boatmen's

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