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One In Song

W-OIS ..... $10.00

32 Pages, 50 Songs

"Here are songs from 30 countries; work songs, love songs, marches, songs of dedication and prayer. They voice the joys, struggles and aspirations of many peoples. In learning these songs we may deepen an appreciation of the beauty of man's diversity and the reality of man's unity, a gift so much needed in our rapidly changing world."

-Olga Seastrom

Almond Blossoms    

Au revoir, amis    

Back of the Bus    

Band of Brothers    

Bell Yodel    

Dear Thoughts    

Derry Ding    


Donne a tout    

Ein und zwanzig    

Ev'ry Time I Feel    

Hali Ho    

Haru Ga Kita    

Herr, bleibe bei uns    

He's Got the Whole World    

Hiking Song    

Hiney Mah Tov    


Las Mananitas    

Let Gladsome Mind    

Little Drop of Dew    

Little Gazelle    

Love Come Down    


Nans' Ingwe    

O le le O Bahia    

O Give Thanks

Oh, Freedom    

One World    


Planting Rice    


Rasa Sayang    


Sala Mieni    



Song of Youth

Summer's Coming    

Sun of Hope    

Tahitian Fire Song    

Tallis' Canon    

Vine and Fig Tree    

Vive la Canadienne    

Walk Together Children    

Wayfarer's Grace

Welcome Table    

Westering Home    

We Shall Overcome    

Zim-bou mbou 

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