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One Tune More


64 Pages, 91 Songs

Songs of America

A diverse selection of songs from the United States chanties, cowboys songs, spirituals, ditties, work songs, mountain tunes, and hymns. American history comes alive though each word, each note.


A-jogging Along
Aloha Oe
As Each Happy Christmas
As With Gladness
At Length There Dawns
Aunt Dinah’s
Band of Brothers
Barbara Allen
Bell Doth Toll
Blow the Man Down
Bold Fisherman
Boll Weevil Song
Cape Cod Chantey
Carry Me Back
Come, Ye Thankful
Comin’ Round
Cowboy Love Song
Cowboy Night Song
Curtains of Night
Dakota Hymn
Dogie Song
Down the River
Drill, Ye Terriers 
Early To Bed
East Side, West Side
Erie Canal
Farewell Dear
Good Old Husband
Goose Round
Grandfather’s Clock
Happy Days
Harmony Greeting
Hey, Betty Martin
Hole in the Bucket
Hush Little Baby
I Love Little Willie
Jane Glover
Jennie Jenkins
Jimmie Crack Corn
Kill, Killy
Light of Ages
Listen to the Mocking Bird
Little Annie Rooney
Little Pig
Love’s Old Sweet Song
Mingo Mountain 
Miss Julie
Mistah Rabbit
Mister Banjo
Nelly Bly
Now Goodnight
Old Chisholm Trail
Old Folks At Home
Old King Cole
Old Man Grey Chief
Omaha Tribal Prayer
Onward We Go
Over the River
Pick a Bale of Cotton
Red River Valley
Reuben Ranzo
Ring, Ring the Banjo
Rio Grande
Rolla Trudum
Row Your Boat 
Scotland’s Burning
Shoo Fly
Simple Gifts
Spanish Cavalier
Spanish Guitar
Springfield Moutain
Starlight, Starbright
Sweet Potatoes
This Old Hammer
Tommy Tinker
United Nations Hymn
Wayfaring Stranger
We Shall Not Be Moved
Welcome, Sweet
Whippoorwill Song
White Coral Bells
White Wings
Wild Gazelle
World Anthem

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