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Sing Around The World

W-SATW ..... $10.00

48 Pages, 87 Songs

Eighty-eight Songs from 57 Countries

A Kapasule    

A Ram Sam Sam    

A Sing Sing So    

After School    


America the Beautiful    

Ask of the Stars    

At the Spring

Aztec Lullaby    

Band of Brothers    

Beauty Around Us    

Beyond the Woodland    

Bird Song    

Blow the Wind    

Blowing Wind    

Boatman's Chantey    

Canoe Round    


Charlie Is My Darling    

Chiu, Chiu, Chiu    

Come Friends    

Come Out    

Discovery of America

   Donkeys and Carrots    

  Droumba, Droumba    

 Drum Carol    

 E Jeka Lo    

 Early to Bed    

Echo Yodel    

El Barco Chiquitito    

Fray Martin    

Go Well    


Hali Ho    

Hand in Hand    

Hawaiian Serenade    


 Hiney Mah Tov    

  Johnny's My Boy    



 Land of Spain    

Left, Right    

Let Us Smile    

Linstead Market    

List to the Bells   

  Little Eskimo    

Little Ole'    

Make New Friends    

Man's Life a Vapor    

May Carol    

My Boat    

My Nipa Hut    

One World   


Peoples of Earth    

Polish Haying Song    

Poncho Verde

Puffer Billies    

Rally Song    

Riding in the Morning    

Rocks on the Mountain    

Scottish Grace    

Shalom Chaverim   

  Silvery Star    

Sing Your Way Home    

Song of Peace    

Song of Youth    

Sun of Hope    

Take Time in Life    



Trees Bend    

Try the Riddle

Two Plus Two    

Tzena, Tzena    

Waltzing Matilda    

Westering Home    

When the Saints    

Where Is John?    


Who Can Sail?

Wind in the Willows    

Wings of the Morning    

World Anthem    

Yangtze Boatmen    

Youpe! Youpe!

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