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Sing We Now

W-SWN ..... $10.00

24 pages, 31 songs


All Is Silent

Awake, My Soul

Bell Song

Berbice Gal

Call of Pasture

Dingo, Dinga, Doodle

Flowers from the Mountain

Flowers That Bloom

Goo'night, Aye

I Awake

In Poland

Little Eskimo

Man with a Wry Nose

May Journey

Mountains o'Mourne

Mr Snail

My Darling Daughter

My Little Rooster

My Rooster

Now You May Think

Poncho Verde

Poor Man

She Moved

Sing We Now


Turtle Dove

Two Magicians

Wandering Swallow

Where'er You Walk

Wherever My Steps

Yodel - Prayer

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