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Tent and Trail Songs

W-TTS ..... $10.00

72 Pages, 116 Songs

Songs for the campfire and the trails that get us there.

Ah Ta Ka Ta Nu Va
All Through the Night
America the Beautiful
At the Spring 
Be Present Here
Be Thou Our Guest
Bell Yodel
Bicycle Built for Two 
Billy Boy
Black-eyed Susie
Blossom on the Plum
Bon Appetit
Bugle Nate
Came A-riding
Chiu, Chiu, Chiu
Cling, Clang, Gloria!
Come, Let's Be Singing
Cowboy Night Song
Crazy Dixie
Day is Done
Dese Bones
Dogie Song 
Doktor Eisenbart
Donkey Riding
Drill, Ye Tarriers
East Side, West Side
Evening Song
Evening Still
Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit
Ezek'el Saw the Wheel
Fairest Lord Jesus
Father, Give This Food
For Sun and Rain
For the Beauty 
From the Sun's Rising
Ghost Song
Go Well and Safely 
God of Our Fathers
Golden Willow Tree
Good Morning to You
Green Grow the Rushes
Green Trees
Han' Me Down
Hello to You
Ho! jikl'e
Holy, Holy, Holy
Home on the Range
Hunger, Oh!
If You're Happy
Johnny's My Boy
Kee lee lye ya
Killy, Killy
Kindled Fire
Lake Yadel Let's Be Beginning 
Light from a Star
Light of Day
Little Johnny England
Little Skunk
Lonesome Valley
Long John
Long-Legged Sailor
Lord, for Our Daily Food 
Lord, Lord, Lord
Malayan Hand-Drill
Mine Eyes Have Seen
Morning Comes Early
Morning Song Musikanter
My Farm
O Yepo 
Oh, Susanna
Old Man Grey Chief
Old Woman and the Peddler
Our Battle Hymn for Children
Paris is Burning
Peace, Peace, Peace
Poor Tom
Praise and Thanksgiving
Praise for Bread
Rise and Shine
Rose, Rose
Row Your Boat
Shalom Chaverim
Silvery Star
Sim Sala Bim
Stars of the Summer Night
Sun Ah Go Down 
Swan Sings
Take Time in Life
Tell Me Why
This Daily Food
Thou Poor Bird
Thus and So 
Time Sends a Warning
Trail's Bending
Under the Linden
Vive l'amour
We're All Together
What Aloha Means
What Do You See in a Fire?
When I Was in Jail
Where is John?
Whether the Weather
Who Can Sail? 
Who Did?
Who Stole My Chickens?
Why Doesn't it Rain?
World is Never Without Light

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