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The Pagoda

W-TP ..... $10.00

24 Pages, 23 Songs

This songbook embodies beautiful Chinese melodies with western harmonic and contrapuntal material so that community singing of the songs may be more easily achieved.


After School
Chinese Grace
Communion Hymn
Compass Hymn
Faith, Hope, and Love
Fat Baby Sister
Feng Yang Song
Filial Crow
Fount of Love
God’s Mercies
Great Wall Ballad
Highest Heavens
Holy Spirit
Jesus Loves Little Ones
Lord, for Revealing Gifts
Old Philosopher’s
Rise to Greet the Sun
San Min Chu Yi
Small Cabbage Head
Song of Praise to God
Song of the Hoe
Stars of Ice
Temple Chant to Spring
Yangtze Boatmen’s Chantey

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