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101 Rounds For Singing


48 Pages, 106 Songs

A collection of rounds with something for everyone, from beginner to advanced.  

"Each round in this little book offers to any song-loving group one of music's most intense pleasures...two or more vocal parts, with team against team, and tune against tune; yet all in unity and everybody singing the same melody. Here is all the timing, co-ordination and sport of a good ball game, plus melody, harmony and verse...a winning pleasure for all."     

-Augustus D. Zanzig 

A Man With a Wry Nose
A Ram Sam Sam
Adieu, Sweet Amarillis
All is Silent
All Nature Smiles
Are You Sleeping?
At Summer Morn
Au Revoir
Awake, Ye Dreamers
Be Prepared
Be You Strong
Bell Doth Toll
Bells of Old Haarlem
Blossom on the Plum
Buon Giorno
Canoe Round
Chairs to Mend
Cherries So Ripe
Come, Follow, Follow
Come, Let's Be Sining
Congo Boat Song
Cost of Gladness
Derry Ding Ding Dason
Die Sonne Sinkt
Donkeys and Carrots
Earn a Little
Echo Yodel
Ego Sum Pauper
Ein und Zwanzig
Evening Still
Fair Morn
Fray Martin
French Cathedrals
Frere Jacques
Give Me Your Hand
Glide Along
Good Morning to You
Good Night to You All
Grasshoppers Three
Happy Days
Hello to you
Hey, Ho! Nobody Home
Hiney Mah Tov
Human Nature
Hunger, Oh
Jane Glover
Joy in the Gates

Laugh, Ha, Ha
Le Soir Descend
Left, Right
Let Us Sing Together
Let's Be Beginning
Light from a Star
List to the Bells
Listen to the Echo
Little Bells
Little Bitty Man
Lovely Evening
Lullaby Round
Make New Friends
Man's Life's a Vapor
Mill Wheel
Miss Crab
Music Shall Live
Now all Woods
Owl in the Elm
Poor Tom
Rally Song
Rise and Shine
Rise Up, O Flame
Rose, Rose
Rosen fra Fyn
Row Your Boat
Shalom Chaverim
Silver and Gold
Sing Together
Singing School
Son Soir
Starlight, Starbright
Summer Is A-coming In
Summer's Coming
Suze Naanje
Swan Sings
Sweet Rest
Thou Poor Bird
Time Has Come
Tommy Tinker
Valamo Bells
Vine and Fig Tree
Wees Welkom
When a Weary Way
Where is John?
White Sand
Who Can Retell?
Wind in the Willows 

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