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Rare Old Chestnuts

Bruce Greene, fiddle ~ Don Pedi, dulcimer

This is a collection of twenty-two interesting and unexpected versions of old favorite fiddle tunes, learned from the playing of numerous traditional fiddlers who were born as far back as the 1870’s. Don Pedi, mountain dulcimer, and Bruce Greene, fiddle, have been friends and musical partners for more than twenty years. Both have spent a good part of their lives working, playing music, and and living alongside old time country musicians in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. They love the old fiddle tunes, rare or common, and are, in fact, becoming rare old chestnuts themselves.

Tune List
Old Joe Clark – Old Molly Hare – Buffalo Gals – Fire On The Mountain – Pop Goes the Weasel – Turkey In The Straw – Yellow Rose Of Texas – Shortnin’ Bread – Cripple Creek – Durang’s Hornpipe – Cotton Eyed Joe – Barlow Knife – Sally Goodin – Whiskey Before Breakfast – Blackberry Blossoms – Arkansas Traveler – Pretty Betty Martin – Blue Wing Fly – What’ll We Do With The Baby O – Little Sally Ann – The Girl I Left Behind Me – Steppin’ In The Parlor


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