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Handy Play Party Book

W-HPP..... $15.00

128 Pages, 93 Play Parties

A deluxe edition of a bona fide classic. Play parties are simple dances accompanied only by the singing of the dancers. They were an important part of North American pioneer culture, and they can still be enjoyed by all ages today. The Handy Play Party Book contains music and directions for 93 play parties and has long been the definitive source for these charming song-games. This edition groups the dances by formation as well as ordering them by degree of difficulty. It also includes some historical background, teaching suggestions, and musical notes by Orff music educator Cecilia Riddell. Printed on heavy paper with a durable wire-o binding and a laminated cover.


Across the Hall
Alabama Girl
All Join Hands
Arkansas Cake Walk
Balance Four
Bear, Over the Mountain
Bingo, the Dog
Bow Belinda
Brown-eyed Mary
Candy Gal
Captain Jinks
Cedar Swamp
Cissy in the Bond
Come, My Love
Comin’ Round the Mountain
Cross Snap
Down to London
Duke of York
Dusty Miller
Early Month of May
First Old Gent
Five Tinkers
Four in a Boat
Gents to the Center
Girl I Left Behind Me
Girl’s A-Fooling
Goin’ to Boston
Going Down to Cairo
Great Big House
Green Gravel
Happy is the Miller
I Want to Be a Farmer
In and Out the Window
Jingle Bells
Johnny O’Brown
Jolly Miller
Ladies to Center
Little White Daisies

Looby Loo
Miss Maggie
Needle’s Eye
Nobody’s Business
O Charley
Oh, She’s Gone
Oh! Susanna
Ohio Needle’s Eye
Ol’ Bald Eagle
Old Betty Larkin
Old Brass Wagon
Old Dan Tucker
Old Doc Jones
Old Quebec
Old Tom Puncheon
Paw Paw Patch
Pig in the Parlor
Pop Goes the Weasel
Promenade the Hall
Push the Business On
Right Hand Bow
Roll That Brown Jug
Round Town Girls
Sally Down the Alley
Sandy Land
Shoo Fly
Skating Away
Skip to My Lou
Somebody’s Waiting
Sweetheart  A-Roving
Swing on the Corner
Susan Brown
Tea Rye Riley
Turn the Glasses Over
Two Dukes A-Roving
West Virginia Cakewalk
Willis Ballroom
Workin’ On Railroad
Yankee Doodle
Your Best Liking

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