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Home Land Songs

W-HLS ..... $10.00

64 Pages, 60 Songs


Africa, Prayer for    

Africa, Moreno Boloka    

Alabama State Song    

Alaska, Spirit of    


At Summer Morn    

Be Kind    

Bohemia: Homeland Mine    

Boze cos' Polske    

Burma National Anthem    

Canada, O    

Canada, O (French)    

Carolina, Ho for    

Ceylon, Island of    

China: San Min Chu Yi    


Delaware, Our    

Finland: Suomi's Song    

Florida: Where Orange Blossoms    

Georgia State Song    

Hawaii, Leis of    

Hoot Owl Song    

Idaho, Here We Have     


India: Jana Gana Mana    

Indiana: On the Banks    

Indiana: We Are the Hoosiers    

Iowa, Beautiful Land    

Johnny Has Gone    

La Chaparrita    

Let Us Smile    

Little Mouse     Louisiana, Song of    

Malaya: Negara ku    

Maryland, My Maryland    

Minnesota, Hail    

Mississippi State Song    

My Beloved Country    

My Country Is the World    

Nebraska, My    

Newfoundland: When the Sun Rays    

New Jersey: My Garden State    

New Zealand: Names of My Land    

North Carolina: Old North State    

North Dakota Hymn    

One World    

Oregon, Invitation to    

Pennsylvania Keystone State    

Philippine National Anthem     

Poland: National Hymn    

South Dakota, Hail    

Tennessee, My Homeland    

Vermont Farmer Song

Vermont, Hail    

We Are the United Nations    

West Virginia Hills    

West Virginia: Magnolias Bloom    

World Anthem    

World Never Without Light    

World Song    

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