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Sacred Canons

W-SC ..... $10.00

24 Pages, 59 Songs


This little collection is intended for church chairs, youth groups, and informal singing. Canons are especially practical for small or inexperienced chairs since they give the pleasure of part singing without the difficulties of learning separate parts or balancing the distribution of voices. The notes regarding performance in this book are only suggestions, for canons may be sung by any group of voices and in a variety of ways.

Good luck and good singing!


Agnus Dei
Allelujah, Amen
Ave Maria
Band of Neighbors
Be Thou Our Guest
Cost of Gladness
Danket dem Herrn
Dona Nobis Pacem
Ego Sum Pauper
For Food and Joy
For Sun and Rain
For Thy Gracious
From Sun’s Rising
Gently Let Peace
Glory, Laud & Honor
Go Now in Peace
Hallelujah Round
Herr, Bleibe Bei
In All Thy Ways
Joy in the Gates
Jubilate, Deo
Kommt Herbei
Laudate Nomen Domini
Lord Is Risen
Lord of All Life
Morning Prayer
Non Nobis Domine
O Render Thanks
Oh, Good Friend
Poems of All Tongues
Praise Ye Our God
Response of Thanks
Rise and Shine
Rise Up, O Flame
Round of Thanks
Rise and Shine
Rise Up, O Flame
Round of Thanks
Russian Alleluia
Shalom Chaverim
Sing and Rejoice
Sing Our Praise
Singt dem Herren
This Daily Food
Thou Art My Shepherd
Through North & South
Unto Thee, God
Vesper Round
When Jesus Wept
World Is Never

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