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Very Favorites of the Very Young

W-VFOVY ..... $10.00

72 Pages, 110 Songs

Produced in response to repeated requests for a book of songs for preschool children, this songbook was edited by Montessori teacher and musician the late Carol Henry. It contains songs that children can sing all by themselves: the ones they sing on the playground, the ones they take home and teach to their families. Now children who weren't lucky enough to go to Carol's school can learn these songs too.

Ain’t It a Shame
Ain’t It Great to Be
All Night, All Day
Applepicker’s Reel
As We Leave This
Autumn Time
Back of the Bread
Bean Song
Birthday Cake
Brownie Smile Song
Canoe Round
Christmas Is Coming
Christmas Quodlibet
Cockles and Mussles
Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain
Country Life
Douglas Mountain
Down the road
For Health and Strength
Freight Train
Frere Jacques
Go Tell It on the Mountain
God Is Great 
Granny Will Your Dog
Grass So Green
Grasshoppers Three
Gypsy Rover
Had a Little Chicken
Happy Wanderer
Hanukah, O Hanukay
Head, Shoulders, Knees
He’s Got the Whole
Hush, Little Baby
I Can Feel the Sweet
I Can’t See the Wind
I Have a Rooster
I Love the Mountains
If You’re Happy
In a Cottage in a Wood
It Rained a Mist
It’s a Small World
It’s Snowing
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Jingle Bells
Kum Ba Yah
Land of the Silver
Little Bird
Little Jesus, Sweetly
Los Pollitos
Mail Myself to You
Marjorie, Go Feed
Mary Wore Her Red
Michael, Row
More We Are Together
My Bonnie Lies Over 
Now All the Woods Are
Oh! Susannah
Old Dan Tucker
Old Miss Sally
Old Thompson
Old MacDonald
Once I Had a Pumpkin
One Bottle of Pop
Over the River
Paw Paw Patch
Pick It Up
Place In the Choir
Plant Starts With
Po Po Po
Pop Goes the Weasel
Put Your Finger
Race You Down the 
River Trip
Row Your Boat
Sailor Went to Sea
Shalom Chaverim
Silent Night
Sing a Song of Spring
Six Little Ducks
Skinny Marink
Skip to My Lou
Snake Skin
Spanish Counting
Star of the Evening
Sur le Pont
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Take Time in Life
Ten Little Chipmunks
There Was an Old
This Old Man
Threw It Out the Window
To Stop the Train
Twinkle, Twinkle
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Wheels on the Bus
When I’m on My Journey
Where Are the Froggies
Where Do You Sleep?
Where Is Thumbkin?
Where’s Mary
Who Is in the Ring?

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