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Youth Songs

W-YS ..... $10.00

23 Pages, 38 Songs

Campfire Closing

Campfire Song w


Chigger Song w

Dance Lightly

For Us a Child

Grah zu sein

Good Old Farmer

Good-night Dear Campers

Gymnastic Relief w

Hear What My Heart

Hi Ro Ja Rum w

Hop Out of Bed

I Got a Home

It Isn't Any Trouble w

It's a Good Time w

It's Love w

Kneel Always

Les Raftsmen

Little Skunk

Long and Short of It w

More We Get Together w

O Can Ye Sew Cushions?

One and Twenty

Rabbit Song

Rooster Song w

Sing, Sing, Sing w

Skinny Marink

Solomon Levi

Song of Dixie

Song of the Open Country

Song of the Road

Thanksgiving Song

Three Blue Pigeons w


Up to the Land

What Did Delaware?

When Springs Are Flowing

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